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These lessons are designed to help you explore the science of Earth's climate from the scale of individual molecules to the whole globe. As you explore the digital learning tools in these lessons and read the accompanying text, you will learn to:

  1. Appreciate how a fundamental understanding of chemistry and basic science helps you to understand climate change.
  2. Understand the complexity of climate, including the interconnectedness of the different aspects of the climate system, and how climate differs from weather.
  3. Understand what factors influence Earth's radiation balance.
  4. Explain the characteristics that define a greenhouse gas and know how to decide which greenhouse gases are most important in influencing Earth's radiation balance.
  5. Describe how the climate system is under the control of feedback loops, allowing small atmospheric changes to have profound effects on climate as various parts of the climate system interact.
  6. Understand the effect that the ocean has upon climate and how a changing climate can influence the chemistry of both the ocean and the atmosphere.
  7. Decide how you can build on your understanding of the science of climate change to make informed responses to climate change.

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