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A Global Issue: The Impacts of Climate Change
Lesson 5 Questions

Test your knowledge of the impacts of climate change by working through the following questions. Refer back to the lesson pages and learning tools as needed.

Polar Regions
  1. What is one possible cause of the PETM?
  2. Challenge: Describe how warming in the Arctic will affect the Earth's delicate radiation balance.
  3. Using the Climate Models learning tool, describe the main differences between storyline RCP 8.5 and RCP 2.6. Which storyline is more likely to negatively impact the Arctic?
  4. Challenge: Why is warming occurring at a higher rate in the Arctic than at the equator?
Coral Reefs
  1. What produces the colour of corals? What triggers coral bleaching?
  2. Why are coral reefs so precious to humanity? Name three consequences of the loss of coral reefs that will affect humans.
  3. Challenge: Write a short paragraph about some actions that could be taken to preserve coral reefs.
Vector-Borne Disease
  1. How does climate influence the geographic distribution of disease?
  2. Write a short paragraph describing how factors other than climate change can influence the distribution of malaria.
  3. If the range of malaria spreads, which areas are at the greatest risk? Use the map demonstrating malaria endemicity if you need a hint.
  4. Challenge: Malaria is just one example of a vector-borne disease that may be affected by climate change. What other diseases could spread into new regions because of climate change? How might this occur?
Extreme Weather
  1. Describe how a warming climate will influence the occurrence of hurricanes.
  2. What is the El NiƱo Southern Oscillation?
  3. Name five ways in which increased instances of drought and heavy precipitation events will affect humanity.
  1. Challenge: How will climate-altered extreme weather trends threaten biodiversity?
  2. Name four services provided by vulnerable species and their ecosystems.
  3. Challenge: Animals play a large role in pollination. How would we replace this service if it were lost or reduced?